Argan oil - the liquid gold of Morocco

Argan oil is considered the liquid oil of Morocco. But why is it so precious and why is it so highly valued outside of Morocco? We'll tell you what this special oil is all about.

The argan tree (Argania spinosa) grows exclusively in the southwest Morocco and plays an important role in Berber culture. Everything about it is used: the wood is used as building material and as firewood, the nutritious leaves are used to feed goats and dromedaries. And the nuts are used to produce the precious argan oil, which is highly valued both in nutrition and in personal care .

Argan tree

An argan tree only bears fruit every two years. Harvesting the argan fruit is difficult: the Berbers have to wait until the fruit falls to the ground by itself.

Argan fruit on the tree

To obtain argan oil, the fleshy fruit shell is first removed and the nut exposed inside.
After the shell of the nut has been cracked open with the help of a stone, the small, almond-shaped core From it, cold pressing The precious argan oil is then extracted.

Argan fruit to argan seeds

Jislaine sources its argan oil from a small women's cooperative that produces it according to the highest quality standards . The argan seeds are selected and sorted twice by hand - only the best are used for our oil.

The precious oil is filled into food-safe hoses and machines, made in Germany. The argan oil is transported from station to station within the production hall using permanently installed channels on the wall to protect it from air and dirt. Visible in the photo as a blue pipe.

By selling the argan oil, the Berber women of the women's cooperative can regularly attend school , as many women are still unable to read and write. The sale also supports an SOS Children's Village in Agadir, at the gateway to the argan region.

Argan oil is so valuable because it contains a high proportion of essential fatty acids , Vitamin E and Antioxidants which are considered radical scavengers. This makes it a real Multi-talented in personal care:
It provides dry skin with humidity and works It also increases the Elasticity of the skin and can prevent the formation of wrinkles. Result: smooth and supple skin. Argan oil does not clog the pores and is therefore also suitable for the facial care of oily and impure skin. Nails regain their natural shine with argan oil.

Argan oil and argan nuts

Argan oil can also be used in Hair care It moisturizes dry hair. If the ends of your hair are dry, pure argan oil can be massaged directly into the ends of your hair.

For generally dry hair, a Hair treatment I recommend argan oil. To do this, put the argan oil in your hair and massage it into your scalp. Leave the argan oil hair treatment on for about half an hour, ideally under a warm towel, and then rinse thoroughly.

Our organic argan oil is available in an environmentally friendly glass bottle .

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