Konjac sponges - the gentlest way to clean your face

What is Konjac?

The Konjac plant or Konnyaku grows in Asia and is called devil's tongue in German. It grows at high altitudes and is therefore particularly pure and free of pollutants . A flour is obtained from its tuber, which is also valued in nutrition due to its health-promoting properties . In Asia, for example, glass noodles are made from the Konjac plant.

By repeatedly boiling and freezing the flour of the plant tuber, a sponge structure with a net-like surface can be created that is ideal for massaging sensitive skin : the Konjac sponge .

Konjac tuber

What is the Konjac sponge used for?

The sponge gently cleanses the face and body. The Konjac fiber swells when it is saturated with water, becoming soft and supple . The fine-pored surface of the sponge cleans the skin particularly thoroughly and removes dead skin cells . The gentle massage also promotes blood circulation and stimulates the formation of new skin cells. The Konjac sponge also moisturizes the skin.

The sponge is 100% plant-based and therefore very popular with vegans. The advantage over other plant-based sponges such as loofah is that the Konjac sponge is absolutely soft and does not scratch the skin. It is therefore also a welcome alternative for people with sensitive skin or neurodermatitis. 

How to use the Konjac sponge?

Before first use, the sponge is dipped in warm water for about two to three minutes until it is completely saturated with water . The fiber, which is very hard when dry, suddenly becomes pleasantly soft . The face or body is then massaged in circular movements. The sponge can be used either with just water or, depending on your preference , with soap or cleansing milk . To ensure it lasts a long time, it should always be rinsed out and stored dry. However, it should be replaced every two to three months.

Which Konjac sponge is right for me?

The white sponge without additives is best suited for all skin types and especially for sensitive skin . We offer it in three shapes: classic round , heart-shaped or large for the whole body.
For dry skin we offer it with added aloe vera , for oily skin with bamboo charcoal .

Would you like to try our Konjac sponge for free ? In June 2022, we will give every shop customer a heart-shaped Konjac sponge. Simply buy any product and add the heart-shaped Konjac sponge to your shopping cart. If you enter the discount code SCHWAMM22 , you will not be charged for the sponge. The offer is valid once per customer.

Konjac Sponge Heart

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