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Dry oil has a particularly high proportion of unsaturated fatty acids and is therefore quickly absorbed into the skin. It is used for the face, skin and hair.

Dry oil, such as argan oil and desert date oil, is suitable for oily skin.

Dry oils are often added to creams (not a natural product). Our products, on the other hand, are pure natural products without additives such as plasticizers and other chemical substances.

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3 products
Bio-Arganöl - Jislaine
Bio-Arganöl - Jislaine
Organic argan oil
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Bio-Mandelöl* von Najel - Jislaine
Organic almond oil* from Najel
Bio-Wüstendattelöl* von Najel - Jislaine
Organic Desert Date Oil* / Balanites Oil from Najel