Shea butter - the beauty secret of African women

What is shea butter?

The shea nut tree is native only to the savannahs of West Africa (sub-Sahel zone). Shea butter is extracted from its dried and peeled nuts by cooking or cold pressing. The original shea butter is a white-yellowish mass with a slightly spicy and chocolatey scent . At temperatures below 28°C it has a solid consistency , but can be easily spread on the skin after briefly warming it in the palms of the hands. Shea butter has excellent cosmetic properties.

Shea nuts

What is shea butter used for?

In Africa, traditionally produced shea butter is used for skin care, especially for dry, flaky or heavily stressed skin areas , such as rough elbows or cracked heels , to prevent and reverse stretch marks and for baby care.
Thanks to its high content of unsaturated fatty acids, vitamin E and provitamin A, this pure natural product ideally moisturizes the skin, regenerates it and makes it smooth and supple.

Shea butter is also a vegan alternative to lip balms , which often contain beeswax. If you want to make your own creams , shea butter is the ideal base.

Shea butter in skin care

Why unrefined shea butter?

Most cosmetic manufacturers who use shea butter in their products process it chemically beforehand: it is decoloured and de-scented in order to obtain a substance that is as neutral and consistent as possible. However, this also reduces the nourishing properties of the shea butter. In Africa, it is therefore still used unrefined today. Unrefined shea butter

What does gold shea butter mean?

At Jislaine we call our cold-pressed shea butter gold shea butter . It is produced in a particularly gentle way. During cold pressing, the unroasted, shelled nuts are pressed mechanically . They do not come into contact with water, heat or smoke. This not only preserves the vitamins and gives a beautiful yellow color, but also ensures a pure and natural smell. No fragrances are added, nor are any preservatives. The shea butter is water-free, so microorganisms cannot multiply even without the addition of preservatives .

We offer the Gold Shea Butter in certified organic quality and in an environmentally friendly 120 ml glass jar at the regular price of €21. However, in July we have a special offer and are selling the Gold Shea Butter for only €15.

Gold Shea Butter

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